Higher On Maiden

Since 1995 Higher on Maiden have been The World’s Original and Finest Tribute to the Mighty ‘Iron Maiden’ For the last 21 years they have played shows in every corner of the UK, Europe and most recently, India, where one of their shows was broadcast live on TV. Higher-on-Maiden are the only Iron Maiden Tribute who’s members have actually played on stage with Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Paul Dianno & Blaze Bayley. Bruce Dickinson was at one of their shows in Sweden he commented to Higher-on-Maiden’s front man, ‘Big Dickinson’ …… “You sound just like me !!! … I always wondered what I sang on that bit!” Higher-on-Maiden have a genuine passion for the music of Iron Maiden coupled with a desire to recreate the live sound as closely as possible. Up the Irons !